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SKU: GS-C705 GlowShift - Black 7 Color Volt Gauge

GlowShift - Black 7 Color Volt Gauge
Purchase GlowShift - Black 7 Color Volt Gauge
  • SKU: GS-C705 GlowShift - Black 7 Color Volt Gauge

  • $52.99


GlowShift's Black 7 Color Series Volt Gauge monitors your vehicle's electrical system from 8 to 18 volts, measuring the levels of your car or truck's power supply to make sure it is providing a proper charge. This auto volt gauge includes a color coded wire harness that allows you to directly connect the gauge to the car battery or any other power source.

Black 7 Color Series
GlowShift's Black 7 Color Gauge Series comes standard with a cutting-edge design that includes a black gauge dial, analog display and magnified clear lens. You can also choose between 7 different color options for the LED display. Install to the dashboard, A-pillar, or another location inside your vehicle. You'll enhance the interior of your vehicle and take accurate readings at the same time.

Black 7 Color Series Features
The gauge's illuminated red needle sweeps 270� and is powered by stepper motor technology. You'll get an effective combination of incredibly precise gauge readings with extremely smooth needle movement. GlowShift's 7 Color through dial lighting system allows you to select and change the color of your gauge lighting display by simply pressing the button located on the front of the gauge.

Black 7 Color Series Color Options
Easily cycle through the 7 Solid Color Settings and 2 Color Cycle Modes. The solid color modes featured are Blue, Green, Red, Teal, Yellow, Purple and White. Adjust the color of the gauge to match your factory dash lights, or create a custom look inside of your car or truck. With the Color Memory feature, you won't have to reset the color of the gauge every time you turn on your vehicle.

Black 7 Color Series Backlighting
This gauge features LED backlighting which results in an ultra-bright display that delivers clear and vivid readouts. On or off, the gauge will look great courtesy of the black gauge face and magnified lens which are at the heart of this Gauge Series. By connecting the orange wire from the power harness to the factory headlight switch, you can dim the gauge 30% when the headlights are on.

2-1/16� (52mm) Volt Gauge
2' Power Harness
Gauge Visor
Mounting Bracket
Mounting Bracket Hardware
Installation Instructions

Black 7 Color Volt Wiring
The 2' Power Harness utilizes Plug and Play Connectivity to easily snap into the modular connector on the back of the gauge. Wires are included for Power, Ground, and a Dimming feature. The extended wire length also provides added flexibility during installation.

Black 7 Color Volt Mounting Hardware
A Mounting Bracket is included with hardware which attaches the bracket to the back of the gauge for a secure fit in any vehicle's in-dash mount. The bracket is U-shaped and made out of metal to be extremely durable.

Black 7 Color Volt Gauge Visor
The gauge visor is used to protect against sun glare so that you'll have a clear view of readings during the day. This visor easily slips onto the gauge with the wider portion positioned at the top.

What Are the Benefits of a Volt Gauge?
An analog volt gauge is important because they monitor your car or truck's charging system, which is what provides an electrical current to your vehicle. Ultimately, without a charging system, your vehicle's battery would run out quickly. The purpose of a volt gauge, also referred to as a voltmeter, is to monitor the functionality of this system and provide an advance warning in the event there's an issue, so you'll have a chance to address the issue before your battery runs out. This is in contrast to many vehicles which have a built-in warning which alerts you only after the charging system has stopped working completely.

GlowShift Guarantee
GlowShift is your source for cutting-edge aftermarket automotive products specially designed for cars and trucks. Shop with confidence knowing that all purchases are backed by a one year limited warranty and free lifetime tech support. You will also have access to an unrivaled customer support experience in the event you have any questions about our gauges, pods and accessories.